Sunday, June 11, 2006

Some People Never Learn

You'd have thought that the rounders incident would have taught me a thing or two about wearing knickers, would you? But no, at 16 I was still walking about knickerless and getting into trouble because of it.

This particular incident happened while I was staying with my cousin Tina for a week. She lives just outside Great Yarmouth so it stands to reason that we spent a few evenings wandering along the front, chatting up lads and generally having a good time.

One evening I decided to wear a dirndl skirt (for those who don't know, it's a full circle skirt a la those worn during the 50s). Because it was long—calf length—I thought it'd be ok if I went without any knickers on. I mean, it's nice to feel free of restricting undergarments at times, isn't it?

Anyway, off we went, caught the bus to town and arrived on the promenade ready for some fun.

What I hadn't reckoned with was the breeze that was coming off the sea. As we walked along, it was lifting the satin fabric of my skirt and swishing it around my legs. I quite liked the sensation and thought it probably looked quite flirty, too. But then came a gush that lifted the skirt right over my head. And with so much fabric, try as I might, I couldn't get the damned thing down! I was showing everything I had - white arse and... well, my front bottom, too!

Tina thought it was hilarious. Instead of helping, she stood laughing herself silly while I battled with yards of bottle green satin.

Then came the wolf whistles. A gang of lads on the beach side of the road were enjoying the show!

Oh, the shame!

Needless to say, I didn't particularly enjoy that evening in Great Yarmouth!

Did I learn to keep my knickers on? Who knows!



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